The business of FreshSalt

FreshSalt was founded by Colin and Westin Buchanan in 2015 as a side business but have only recently forsaken all other pursuits to share their love of fly fishing, and the joy they have felt in every fly fishing experience with others to increase their joy and knowledge about this amazing sport.  Fly fishing is perhaps the most demanding of all types of fishing because of the unique challenges associated with catching fish with an artificial lure that often tends to be somewhat of an analogy of specific food the targeted fish are consuming at a moment in time.  Fly fishing also requires a degree of precision in approach and technique not required in other types of fishing.  For many, fly fishing captures the enthusiasts total attention and focus and returns a deep sense of satisfaction when the success of enticing, hooking, landing and releasing a fish is experienced.


Learning to fly fish at early ages, the brothers developed their passion and their skills through many fly fishing trips to both fresh and saltwater fisheries.  As experts now, they want to share what they have learned, and continue to learn every day, with fly fishing men and women of all skill levels.  They will do this primarily through video and written media so they are able to showcase their knowledge, and that of other experts in the field, and educate others on how to master the unique challenges associated with fly fishing.  Some of the challenges associated with fly fishing are:

  • Where to fish.  Not just great fly fishing destinations but specific locations within a given fishery where the fish are likely to be waiting for something to eat.

  • How to fish. Including equipment and set-up; fly selection for specific species and situations; approach and the importance of stealth; casting and fly presentation; proper hook setting which varies from species to species; landing and releasing healthy fish that will quickly recover.  Included in the how-to aspects of the videos will often be tips and techniques for travel, camping and exploring that comes with maximizing the joy of fly fishing experiences.

  • What equipment to use which often varies greatly from situation to situation and species to species.  

  • Who to learn from by featuring some of the great fly fishing guides in fisheries around the world.

  • What can and should be done by everyone who loves this sport to promote healthy fisheries and abundant fish populations for generations to come.

In addition to the educational value of each video, viewers will also share in the love and joy that Colin and Westin have each time they are on the water!